Modified Imported Car Insurance

There are a number of car enthusiasts that import the likes of Japanese, American and other Grey Import cars into the UK that subsequently carry out one or more modifications to their vehicle. This can affect their car insurance and some people do not realize this.

For instance, a lot of people are not aware that if they were merely to add alloy wheels to their imported car this would be classed as a modification and may impact on the premium that they pay in the future. If you were to have a rear spoiler or sports suspension fitted then this could result in you paying a higher premium for your car insurance.

The reason for this is because the insurance company perceives the risk of having an accident to be greater or that your car is more likely to be stolen following these sorts of modifications.  The cost of a claim could be increased due to the additional expense of repairing a damaged modified car and replacing the parts. This is compounded by the fact that the car has been imported and these costs are usually higher with such vehicles in comparison to a car that had been built to EU standards.

Therefore, ideally, you need to be insured with a company that is aware of all these things and is familiar with insuring modified imported cars. Fortunately, by contacting Alliance Imported Car Insurance, you have come to the right place.

We provide you with access to a number of companies that specialize in this sort of insurance. The companies that we use have been carefully selected by ourselves to provide tailor-made policies designed to provide you with the exact level of cover that you need and for a competitive premium. They give an outstanding level of service from providing that initial bespoke quotation through to issuing the policy documentation and, very importantly, in the event of you making a claim on your policy.

So, if you are looking to insure a modified imported car such as a: –

  • Mitsubishi Lancer 2.0 EVO Tommi Makinen Edition
  • Toyota Starlet Glanza V 1.3 Turbo
  • Honda Civic 1.6 Type R EK9
  • Nissan Figaro 1.0L Turbo

Get in contact with us here at Alliance Imported Car Insurance and one of our professional, knowledgeable team will arrange a competitive quotation for you.