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Tailor Made American Import Car Insurance Policies

There are a growing number of people in the UK who are attracted to purchasing American cars and having them shipped to this country. Such vehicles tend to be quite a size, come with powerful engines but provide excellent value for money and are renowned for their reliability.

There are a limited number of companies that will insure such vehicles but Alliance Imported Car Insurance has brought together many that will so that we can help you create a tailor-made policy to provide you with just the cover you need. The insurance companies we use are aware that it costs more to buy parts for American imported cars and that the repair costs may be greater so this is reflected in the cost of such insurance.

However, we are sure that you will agree, there is absolutely no point in skimping on the level of cover for your cherished American import. Equally, we believe that the level of service you receive both from the insurer and us should be outstanding throughout the whole process from getting a quote, arranging the policy and should you unfortunately need to make a claim following an accident.

You may be going to just use the car to be displayed at American car shows here in the UK, or as a “weekend runaround” or possibly to commute to the office in. These factors and many more such as your driving history, the annual mileage you intend to do in the vehicle, the security devices fitted and where the car is to be parked each night all have a bearing on the cost of the insurance.

As you can probably gather, insuring cars like these requires a considerable amount of research to ensure that you have the most appropriate cover at a reasonable price. You will be pleased to read that, here at Alliance Imported Car Insurance, we have a great deal of experience and show a huge amount of interest in the American import car market. This helps our team provide you with bespoke cover that is just what you require and for a highly competitive premium.

Insurance can be arranged on a huge range of American imported cars such as: –

  • Chevrolet Camaro Z28
  • Lincoln Navigator AWD
  • Dodge Challenger 392
  • Corvette Stingray Z51
  • Ford Thunderbird
  • Pontiac Firebird
  • Ford Mustang Coupe

So, if you would like to receive a no-obligation, competitive American import car insurance quote, why not get in touch with the knowledgeable team here at Alliance Imported Car Insurance.

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