Japanese Import Insurance

Specialised Policies for Imported Japanese Cars

An increasing number of people are buying Japanese cars from abroad and importing them into the UK. There are a number of reasons why someone would do this such as the possibility of being able to buy a high-performance, low mileage vehicle for a cheaper price than they would pay for a similar car in the UK and the fact that such cars often have a superior build quality.

If you are a Japanese car enthusiast looking to import one into the UK then you will need to make sure that you have suitable insurance such as that provided by a   Japanese Import Car Insurance policy. This is a specialist form of cover that is tailor-made to meet your specific requirements. Obviously, due to the different specification of Japanese Grey Imported cars and the extra cost of things like spare parts and repairs, you will wish to make sure that the cover you have is suitable.

There are a limited number of providers of such insurance but you will be pleased to read, that Alliance Imported Car Insurance can provide you with access to many of the leading insurers. All are renowned for providing bespoke cover that is designed to meet your requirements in every way. They also have an excellent reputation for their outstanding level of customer service as well as being competitively priced.

Whether you have bought the car to be driven purely for pleasure purposes, to show at events, intend to use it to commute to work or use it for business purposes, we can help arrange the perfect level of cover. Just as with normal car insurance so many factors are taken into account when calculating the premium such as your age, driving experience, where you live, where you will keep your Japanese Import car parked through the night and how many miles you intend to do in the car each year.

Insurance cover can be arranged on a variety of Japanese imported cars such as: –

  • Nissan Skyline 2.6 R33 GTR/GTS
  • Toyota MR2
  • Subaru Impreza
  • Honda Integra Type R DC5
  • Mitsubishi Lancer EVO 6
  • Nissan Elgrand
  • Nissan Silvia 2.0 S15 Type R Turbo

So, for a competitive Japanese import insurance quote, why not get in touch with the experienced, professional team here at Alliance Imported Car Insurance.

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