Q Plated Import Car Insurance

Q plated cars are seen more frequently on our roads but there are a limited number of companies that will insure such vehicles especially if they have also been imported from abroad such as Japan or America. However, you will be pleased to hear that Alliance Imported Car Insurance has a number of highly regarded specialist insurers that will consider providing Q plated import car insurance.

The reason that a car is given a Q registration plate is because its age, history or identity is not known. There are a number of reasons when this could be the case. For instance, it could be that the vehicle is a kit car or has been self-built using the parts from a number of vehicles. The car could have been reconstructed or it could be an ex-military vehicle. It could also be given to the likes of a high performance car that is being imported from somewhere like Japan where its age is not known.

The perception is that a Q plated car is potentially a greater risk from an insurance point of view. Therefore the insurance company will require a lot of information about the vehicle in order to quote a definitive premium. If the car had been self-built abroad and imported into the UK, they will want things like full details about how it was constructed, what parts were used, a full specification of the car and a valuation along with photographs.

As you can probably gather, this is a niche market with each customer’s insurance requirements being individually tailored to cover a specific vehicle. Rarely would an insurance company be asked to insure two identical Q plated imported cars. The companies that we use are experienced in processing such enquiries and will provide a competitive quotation that is unique to you and your vehicle.

We are sure that you will agree, the priority is to make sure that your Q plated imported car is suitably insured to provide you with complete peace of mind. It is also important that, should you need to make a claim, it will be dealt with speedily and professionally. By using the services of Alliance Imported Car Insurance you can be assured that you are in very capable hands.

So, why not get in touch with a member of our experienced and knowledgeable team to discuss your requirements in detail with a view to obtaining a no-obligation Q plated import car insurance quote.