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There are a number of insurance discounts potentially available to the owners of imported cars enabling them to be able to obtain import car insurance for an even lower premium. Below we list some of the things that may result in a discount being applied to a policy: –

Low Annual Mileage

As a general rule, imported cars tend to be driven a lot less miles in a year by their loving owners in comparison to a typical family saloon car that often gets used every day. One of the reasons for this is because an imported car sometimes only comes out of the garage on a weekend or when the weather is pleasant to be taken out for a drive.

From an insurance companies point of view, the fewer miles that a car is driven means that it is less likely to be involved in an accident. Therefore, many insurers reward imported car owners by offering the cover for a lower premium.

Owner’s Clubs

If you happen to be a member of an imported car owner’s club, you may find that a number of insurance companies will reward you by agreeing to provide car import insurance at a reduced premium.

This tends to be the case because it is perceived that owners of import cars belonging to such clubs are more likely to take extra care of their vehicles when out in them as they would not want their “pride and joy” to get damaged. For instance, they may not drive as quickly as in a normal modern saloon car and be extra careful about where they park the car.

Added Security

There are a lot of cars stolen each year but it is vehicles that do not have any security devices fitted that tend to be favoured by the car thief as they are easier to steal without drawing attention to themselves.

If a car has one or more of the likes of an alarm, engine immobilizer or tracking device fitted then it is less likely to be stolen. The insurance companies acknowledge this fact and tend to offer a discount on the normal premium to reflect the lower risk to them having to pay out what is often a substantial sum especially if the vehicle is never retrieved.

Driving Experience

It is a well-known fact that a 22 year old having just passed their driving test is more likely to be responsible for a car accident than a 50 year old that has 30 years driving experience. This is because, in that period, the more mature motorist has possibly driven a number of cars over a quarter of a million miles in total and if he or she has never been involved in an accident that could be good news when it comes to arranging imported car insurance. This is because insurance companies often reward such careful, experienced motorists by discounting their imported car insurance premiums.

We do hope that you found the above of benefit and we look forward to being of assistance in providing you with one or more imported car insurance quotes from insurer(s) on our panel.

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